Ministry has not paid BK International for landfill work for more than a year

Dear Editor,

BK International is shocked by the comments attributed to Minister Ronald Bulkan published in the Stabroek News on June 27. Despite only taking office on May 23, 2015, Minister Bulkan has already formed an opinion against BK. It simply is not possible for any official to comprehensively review all material concerning Haags Bosch, review all correspondence, review the 20 odd 3-inch binders of contracts, interview all personnel and do all other things necessary to conduct a comprehensive and fair review of the issues between the parties, or to make fair comment on the issues.

Even more troubling is the fact that a minister elected on the backbone of an electorate voting for change, morality and support of the rule of law, chooses to ignore the unequivocal wording of a court order ordering the ministry to pay BK International for ongoing works. Despite this non-payment, the Minister continues to hold BK liable for alleged deficiencies, when none exist. To date no person has been turned away from the site, BK has been continuing to operate the Landfill to the highest standards, funding the project completely from its own coffers for more than one year.

Minister Bulkan cannot claim to be negotiating in good faith while he continues these vitriolic attacks in the newspapers.


Yours faithfully,
Alex Graham Tagman
Media for BK International


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