Parallel parking will put people off the shopping areas

Dear Editor,

The parallel parking of vehicles in the busy shopping areas in the city will make many shoppers go to places where they can park not far away. Imagine purchasing bags or boxes of items which you then have to carry for two blocks to where you parked your vehicle.

Many people do not like to walk distances to do business. I can envisage businesses in areas where only parallel parking is allowed losing out.

Is it a case of the police creating a problem in order to solve a problem? Are the police saying that they are concerned about finding a solution to congested roads, hence, parallel parking?

The business community will have to find a solution to address the decrease in shoppers created by police reasoning.

I strongly believe that in spite of diagonal parking, traffic was still flowing and businesses were thriving.

We can expect no less of busy shopping areas; it is one of the unique features of dynamic surroundings. Trucks will park to load/unload, vans will block the roads briefly to pull out from a spot, and arrogant people will continue to fume.

What the police should have considered was to use the white lines to keep diagonal parking in order, thus preventing the rear ends of vehicles from projecting onto the road.

Also a police presence around these areas should be visible, not for them to hide and pounce on motorists in an arrogant and vindictive manner.

I also find it very despicable for the police to lock the wheels of vehicles. It was quite amusing when some time ago a vehicle owner was charged for stealing the clamps that were used to prevent his vehicle from moving.

As the police do, they filed a charge to cover their embarrassment. I strongly believe that when the action of an entity will impact on another entity, some discussion should precede it, thus minimising any negative outcome on the other. We are all interdependent.


Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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