Dear Editor,

How on earth does the letter in which I tried to outline some undisputed recent history of WI cricket with a view to suggesting a way forward, generate some of the comments made? One in particular stands out, as it suggests that Chanderpaul (one of my favourite cricketers) should have been included in the list of cricketers who retired between 1991 and 2002, or that he had made negative comments about the state of the game, which he has not done.

Most of the responses confirm the well-known psychological theory that people often see what they want to see. Sadly, many West Indians are so angry and disappointed about their long history of defeats in the game in which they have had so much success, that it is very hard for them to think carefully about any statements that do not begin and end with an indictment of West Indian players. Such indictments have not been helpful and are not likely to be.


Yours faithfully,
Romain Pitt

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