This is cleaning 23 years of filth

Dear Editor,


Please say it ain’t so – that Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo, Champion of the Earth, is quoted in KN, Oct 26th, 2015 as saying “what I see is an obsession with cleaning”, in relation to the clean up campaign in Georgetown?

Has Mr. Jagdeo lost his mind? This is not an obsession. This- is cleaning 23 years of filth. There is enough blame to go around as to whose fault it is that no cleaning was done in 23 years, but all one has to do is drive around town to see what beauty there is to behold. No trash at every corner, water flowing in the trenches and canals, trees planted all over the city. Who gave him that award – Champion of the Earth? Can they please take it back? Of course “cleaning is expenditure” – another quote from the great man. Everything in life incurs a cost. I thought he was an economist?

Thank goodness for good sense from the other members of the Opposition that no one has come out in support of the great man on this issue thus far. Let us hope that in time even Mr. Jagdeo will come to appreciate a clean city once again.

Yours faithfully,

Jennifer Bulkan