The Berbice Campus has issues which make it unattractive for students

Dear Editor,

The Berbice Campus is a beautiful campus, but there are many ills which have begun to make it unattractive for students. What the administration of the university does not realize is that students across groups share both negative and positive experiences. Most of the experiences that are now being shared make us realize that the quality of service given at the Berbice Campus is on the decline. The Berbice Campus, apparently, is not to be accommodated under the university administration’s umbrella of quality assurance.

Only at the Berbice Campus are available lecturers awarded contracts to teach almost at the end of a semester or after the semester is completed. Only at the Berbice Campus are our first-year colleagues in the Division of Social Sciences taught five courses by one lecturer. Only at the Berbice Campus is the request for transparency ignored in relation to the grades allocated for several courses in the Division of Social Sciences. Only at the Berbice Campus do our colleagues pay tuition fees for one lecturer to distribute notes downloaded from the internet which they have to cram for tests.

Editor, is it only at the Berbice Campus that quality assurance has missed its mark? Or is it that the Berbice Campus is the ugly stepchild of Turkeyen? When I was a student at that campus, every issue which we brought to the attention of the Berbice Campus administration had to wait on the leisurely pace of Turkeyen. Our fees are no different from those at Turkeyen.

Out of compassion for my unfortunate colleagues who are still on campus, I urge the administration to deal with the issues which the graduating class has left behind. To my colleagues, let your voices be heard. The Berbice Campus needs to do more for itself!

Yours faithfully,

Garfeld Sammy

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