In the case of road deaths the law should be more draconian

Dear Editor,

The driver who killed little Jeyden Charles received the light sentence of 58 months. It is time Guyanese from all walks of life raised their voices against the wanton destruction of life on our roadways. It’s as though our roads have become killing fields.

To compound the issue is the fact that many drivers care little about the laws and rules of the road. This is prevalent among the providers of public transportation services. The dollar is seemingly more important than a life.

Because of this scourge, something more draconian needs to be done. Education, pleas, fines and jail have all been tried to little avail. I think it is time that the stakes be upped. The law should be changed to enable an initial charge of murder whenever there is a death as a result of a road accident. The driver should be made to prove otherwise. I bet my bottom dollar most of the recklessness and drunk driving will end.

Why not give this a try? After all, everything so far has failed to halt the senseless killings.

Yours faithfully,

Carl Parker

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