Congratulations to Dabydeen and Bascom

Dear Editor,

I wish to congratulate Dr David Dabydeen and Mr Harold Bascom for having won the Guyana Prize For Literature in fiction and drama respectively.

Dr Dabydeen has now earned the distinction of having won the award in fiction for the fifth time and Mr Bascom for the fourth time in the drama category. These are indeed outstanding achievements for these two writers who, by their writings, have etched their names in the literary landscape not only in Guyana and the Caribbean, but in a much wider reading community.

Literature enriches our lives in so many ways and the Guyana Prize for Literature is a fitting honour and recognition to those who have excelled in the art of writing and expression.

I take this opportunity to offer congratulations to all those who have won in the other categories of the competition.

Yours faithfully,

Hydar Ally

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