Ramsammy is saying the right thing without doing the right thing

Dear Editor,

There is some news that former PPP Minister of Health Dr Ramsammy is now lobbying for the repeal of the homophobic laws in Guyana and Caricom. There is a tradition in Guyana, it seems, that oppressors and their supporters conveniently become human rights activists when they are out of power.

Dr Ramsammy during his years as Minister of Health never tabled legislation to repeal those laws which he wants the current Parliament to repeal. His PPP colleague Mr Edghill had prayed against the 2001 constitutional amendment with former President Janet Jagan and Mr Bharrat Jagdeo to ensure that they keep the laws which Dr Ramsammy is against. The PPP rewarded Mr Edghill by promoting him to Minister in the last parliament.

Dr Ramsammy, like some of his colleagues in the Caribbean, have found it convenient to say the right thing without going on to do the right thing where legislative changes are necessary. Dr Ramsammy could work with Mr Edghill now and his other colleagues in the PPP to table the legislation which would repeal the laws. The new found interest in human rights should also extend to the other human rights abuses which occurred while his government ruled.

Yours faithfully,

Vidyaratha Kissoon

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