SN should publish contact details for small businesses

Dear Editor,

The edition of SN, Friday, December 4, has some interesting articles on the recently concluded Small Business Exposition. Most unfortunately, and this is a shortcoming of both SN and KN, the reporters do not give information on how the consumer can contact the business owners.

Not all of us can brave the crowds and noise that accompany these events.

So, if you can, please give some details on how we can contact business owners. In particular I am interested in acquiring Acai juice pulp from Nurse Vanessa D’Aguiar. Does Sterling Products sell this juice pulp at the supermarkets in Georgetown? I would also be interested in contacting Mr Chhman Sukhna of Wooden Memories. Many of us would like to buy local but I for one do not know where these businesses are in Georgetown.

Yours faithfully,

Jennifer Bulkan

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