Our history will be full of distortions

Dear Editor,

I am a Guyanese and I love my Guyana, our Guyana, a place where we all can be One People, One Nation with the same Destiny, but I believe that our Guyana is riddled with untruths and distortions, and right is sometimes called wrong, and wrong judged as right.

This makes me wonder and at the same time be worried about whether the future generation will ever be given possession of our true history, or will our history be slanted to suit whoever occupies the seat of authority in this dear land. The political atmosphere doesn’t give much hope for accuracy when the time comes for our history to be recorded, and worse it could be determined by the ones who write that history; their opinion and mindset while writing could very well convey to the generations to come things that never ever occurred at any juncture during any regime whatsoever.

I am a reader, and what I find in the analysis in our dailies from day to day is a total obsession to discredit others, and not even a reference to one thing in the past that was done which benefited individuals, communities or nation. It is with this in mind that I have come to the conclusion that our history will be full of distortions, untruths and gross inaccuracies.

I am also of the view that unless solutions of truth and honesty are sought after instead of this farce of misleading the general public on purpose, our future is hopeless as far as expectations of our true history is concerned. This nation needs a rebirth and a set of minds needs to emerge to seek after our true history and record it as such and nothing less.


Yours faithfully,

Ivan John

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