Tax refunds are delayed if employers do not submit Employers’ Returns

Dear Editor,

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) wishes to assure the general public, more particularly the individual who penned a letter of concern in the December 3 edition of Stabroek News that fervent efforts are still being made to disburse refunds (‘Why is the GRA not paying refunds’).

To the best of the GRA’s knowledge, the payment of refunds to taxpayers who for some unfortunate reason overpaid taxes at one or more tax periods, has not been averted but to a large extent has been obfuscated by some employers who have been tardy in submitting Employers’ Returns, otherwise known as a Form 2.

Such was the case with the abovementioned individual who, the GRA recalls, first raised the concern on November 12, 2014, under the caption, “Can’t get tax refunds’ and subsequently in June of 2015 under the headline ‘Still waiting for income tax refunds for 2012, 2013’.

Those concerns have certainly not fallen on deaf ears. Records would show that the GRA promptly responded, with valid explanations on every occasion that the concerns were publicised.

In the interest of a hasty resolution, however, the best option would be for the GRA to contact the taxpayer’s employer to request the relevant information.

The GRA wishes to note that it is the obligation of the employers, as mandated under Section 93 of the Income Tax Act Ch. 81:01, to submit Employers Returns (Form 2) on or before February 28. This information would enable the GRA to reconcile with the employees’ tax returns.

Assessments have shown that while some employers have been grossly negligent in this regard, other stumbling blocks have been encountered where submissions have been replete with so many inaccuracies that they further stymie efforts.

Yours faithfully,

Khurshid Sattaur

Commissioner General

Guyana Revenue Authority

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