We should rename streets and erase the memory of those who oppressed our forefathers

Dear Editor,

Let us use the opportunity of our own Jubilee year to erase the memory of those who were the brutal oppressors of our forefathers. Let us rename streets throughout Guyana and especially rename our capital. We have ancestors of distinction who bought villages, pork-knocked the hinterland for gold and diamonds, created journals to preach liberty, were innovative and inquisitive in the march against bondage by European colonials in Guyana. Here are thirty names to erase the names of thirty oppressors.

  1. Gersholm Browne: Corporal of the West India Regiment in Palestine
  2. Rev Theophilus Peters: lawyer and preacher at Ketley Church
  3. Dr Claude Denbow: dentist and leader of the international League of Coloured Peoples
  4. H H Nicholson: scientist at the National Museum and Marxist philosopher ‒ ‘Vigilance’
  5. Jane Phillips-Gay: feminist and outstanding trade union leader
  6. Iris Leach: mentor of steel-band rise to social acceptance
  7. Winifred Gaskin: feminist and agitator for women working in the Guyana Civil Service
  8. Lynette Dolphin: feminist and music teacher at Queen’s College
  9. E R Burrowes: revolutionary artist and innovative creator of the Working Peoples Art Class
  10. Frederick Mahaica: inquisitive diamond seeker and pork-knocker on the Mazaruni River
  11. A J Seymour: poet and publisher of Kyk-Over-Al journal
  12. R C G Potter: educationist
  13. Edgar Mittelholzer: anti-colonial novelist from the provincial town of New Amsterdam
  14. Claude Geddes: pioneer of foundry works in Guyana
  15. Cleveland Hamilton: poet and defender of the poor
  16. Norman Cameron: mathematician and author of Evolution of the Negro Vol 1 & 2
  17. Basil Hinds: art teacher and pioneering jazz critic
  18. Auntie Gertrude: leader of market women in the anti-colonial struggle
  19. R B O Hart: headmaster of Progressive High School and master journalist
  20. Dr Carlyle Miller: brave host of Marcus Garvey when he came to British Guiana
  21. J O F Haynes: legendary lawyer
  22. Martin Carter: legendary poet
  23. John Carter: legendary diplomat
  24. Herbert Critchlow: legendary trade unionist and supporter of the revolution in Russia
  25. Henry Cameron: hinterland administrator
  26. ‘Ginip Seed’: footballer
  27. ‘Waterboat’: footballer
  28. Robert Christiani; legendary cricketer and legendary 1950 West Indies cricket team to England
  29. Tom Charles: leader of popular music band throughout the West Indies
  30. ‘Slack-foot Johnny’: fearless fetcher of sugar, rice and flour bags and Robin Hood of the poor


Historians of Guyana write and be rich! City councillors of Guyana be daring and proclaim liberty! To the thirty names above add Kwame Nkrumah who inspired Ghana Day before Independence and Eze Ogueri whose visit to British Guiana inspired decolonization.

Hallow the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty.


Yours faithfully,

Ras Dalgettie I

Ras Addis Asher

Ras Fire Lion

Sister Audrey Langevine

Sister Gold

Ras Neil Alleyne

Ras Punck Rankings

Ras Overseas

Ras Kevin Oudkerk

Prince Hope

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