Renumbering of lots in part of Betsy Ground causing serious problems

Dear Editor,

I awaited action from the authorities with respect to the letter by Pearly Munilall (SN, October 9, 2015) but seeing none I would like to make a few comments.

The letter captioned ‘There is a part of Betsy Ground which should be regularised’ highlighted how this poor woman’s house at Lot 23 was broken down and thrown on the road.

The problem here does not affect her alone but the other lots from 23-31 are being given different numbers which can result in serious repercussions. Two more houses are being demolished because of the confusion caused by the latest plan that converts a reserve (street) into a lot.

This year’s plan has changed transported property lot 23 to lot 24. A new owner of half of lot 24 was given lot 25 and a new owner of half of lot 25 was given lot 26. The following lot numbers have all been changed only because this new plan was created to show the reserve as lot 23.

Editor, this matter has caused severe inconvenience and was appealed to the PNC, then the PPP under Bharrat Jagdeo, human rights, several REO’s, chairmen of NDC’s etc, and nothing has been done to correct this serious problem. Are they waiting for more houses to be demolished and other land disputes to happen? This is blatant bullyism that must be arrested and rectified; justice must prevail.

This poor woman must be compensated too. The street occupied must be cleared as well or the one in use be extended to the original size it had before the encroachment that reduced it to the present narrow width.

A new survey would expose the adulterated plan that has created tremendous problems. The original plan seems to have been abandoned so as to give credence to this redefined one, purporting the reserve to be lot 23.

The old folks in the village are aware of the facts pertaining to this situation but can do no more than vent their disgust at the injustice. The authorities must respond.

The Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo should once more show interest in this matter as Ms Munilall mentioned that an MP is fighting for this reserve for his sister. She claims her documents are still at the lawyers’ office.

Yours faithfully,

Renick Sookraj

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