‘The truth must prevail’

Dear Editor,

Commissioner Benn in his response to my last letter signalled that he will not engage in last lick (‘Alexander is attempting to distract the public’s focus…’ SN, December 12). Indeed, he cannot enjoy the last lick since he has now descended to crass misrepresentation, in an attempt to further his cause. The truth must prevail. His entire last letter is unworthy, since it makes him incredible. The Gecom minutes of the 461st meeting state: “The Commissioner said that he further found it strange that both Commissioners Benn and Shadick, who were on the PPP/C’s Candidate list at the 2015 General and Regional Elections, had not recused themselves from this matter and are now seeking to influence the manner in which the Petition, in which they have an interest, is being defended.” That Commissioner is Vincent Alexander. It is pellucidly recorded that I pointed to their conflict of interest as one of my fundamental arguments. What is of further bother to me is that Mr Benn is either a stranger to the truth or a victim of amnesia or lacking in understanding. Gecom’s business must be in reliable and credible hands.

Yours faithfully,

Vincent Alexander

Gecom Commissioner

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