After years Diamond still does not have proper roads, street lights

Dear Editor,

It took years of hard work and renting, but I was able to acquire a very good plot of land in the middle class community of Diamond after waiting years.

Over the years the small number of ‘pioneers’ (using Minister Keith Scott’s word), built their homes with very few basic amenities such as roads and water. We heard that as more persons build they will come and add these amenities. It has been over a decade for some of us and we still do not have proper roads, a proper water supply and adequate street lights in this so-called biggest housing development.

Concerns were raised on several occasions with every Minister of Housing and NDC Chairman, only to hear it will soon happen. We heard the same with the new government and waited patiently, but it seems as if only squatting areas are being taken care of. This is not to knock the residents of squatting areas, but it seems that if we rename our community a squatting area we might finally get attention.

Squatting is illegal in this country and the thousands of residents in Diamond were abiding by the law and spent millions on purchasing land the correct way, yet we are forced to live worse than those who decided to take the law into their own hands and squatted. Sophia and Angoys Avenue residents will enter into a new year with proper roads and street lights, while residents who gave the country’s treasury billions of dollars from land acquired the correct way will enter into the new year as if they have been squatting for more than ten years.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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