Administration needs to think of transportation in new housing schemes

Dear Editor,

I am not an engineer; I have served as a construction supervisor commonly known as a Clerk of Works, and I have worked in most of the newly established housing schemes around the country, from Linden to Tuschen to Belfield on the East Coast.

The layout of roads is like a puzzle, and one can be lost. Yes, some have been finding it hard to follow directions in these communities, but my main concern is whether there is any plan by the administration for regular and sustained transportation in and out of these areas. Transportation could be a nightmare for residents; for example, the taxi park at Diamond has been moved approximately five times, because there was no plan. These drivers have been offering yeoman service to commuters, and to my mind it is wrong for these ‘public servants’, (that’s who they are) to be treated without regard for the service they are offering to the general public.

So, here we are, were there any plans for transportation when the vision of these new communities was executed? Have they been included in any meeting and thanked and told of the plans for the future? If not, something should be done so the existing chaos can be remedied and solutions found where this service can be properly sited.

Let me make it very clear, I have no friend, family or anyone personally known to me operating this service to communities, but I am concerned about the chaos that could be avoided if every aspect of service is properly analysed so that the future hardships of residents could be avoided.

I have a suggestion for the establishment of new communities: a rail service should be contemplated to make commuting less burdensome and more economical. This in no way should hinder the taximen since they would still be needed to render their service from the different terminals to other parts of the community.

Yours faithfully,

Ivan John

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