Kwakwani’s success at the schools’ basketball championships needs to be recognised

Dear Editor,

The residents of Kwakwani are indeed happy and proud that our school basketball team returned home victorious after the recently concluded National Schools Basketball Championship. Many persons may not know that from the inception of this championship, Kwakwani Secondary School has participated in every finals and won most of them.

For a remote community like Kwakwani to accomplish this is commendable, and in need of recognition at the highest level in Guyana. Also in need of national recognition is the female coach, Anne Gordon, who never tires, and volunteers most of her time honing the basketball skills of the youths of Kwakwani. Without a sincere and dedicated individual like her, there would have been another vacuum in the lives of our children.

Editor, I am publicly recommending that systems be put in place within the regions and or central government to employ/compensate persons like Ms Anne Gordon for the type and quality of service they are providing within the various communities.

I would also invite officials from the Guyana Amateur Basketball Association and Ministry of Sport to visit Kwakwani with the objective of assisting us in improving our facilities.

Yours faithfully,

Jocelyn Morian

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