Dear Editor,

Most fans who were paying attention to the team to date would have heard what was reported as the absolute truth that Jerome Taylor and Kemar Roach had refused to respond to the captain`s request that they bowl from a particular end. This was in a game in which the team’s performance, with the exception of perhaps three players, was exceptionally poor. I did not believe the story, and suggested that management make an announcement on it as such behaviour should be considered a very serious matter, and if false, would do serious damage to the reputation of the players involved. Many fans expressed in their blogs their belief in the allegations. In fact those fans treated the allegations as undisputed facts.

What follows is taken verbatim from Mark Nicholas’ article in which he attempted to justify what he seems to believe is the imminent decision of some of the larger West Indian territories to go it alone in international cricket:

“Jerome Taylor and Kemar Roach turned over their arms without any of the zip that gave them a reputation. In Australia, the pitch must be hit hard.

“Then rumours suggested that a couple of the bowlers all but refused to run in against the wind. Rumours are dangerous and tend to come from dissatisfaction. Then again the media feed on rumours.”

The reader is urged to read this article carefully, especially this paragraph. Think about the initial undisputed assertion, and ask yourself what is going on.

Yours faithfully,

Romain Pitt

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