Men should dress appropriately in female company

Dear Editor,

The revival of standards and mode of dress is one of the most difficult areas to address, when it has been allowed to decline. A picture it is said, is worth a thousand words; this is most evident in the Guyana Times of December 18, captioned ‘International performers call on Tourism Minister.’ I believe gentlemen (note I did not say men) must at all times observe a high degree of decorum both in attire and speech when interacting with a lady. The attire of some of the men in that photograph is an insult to the Minister and her office; maybe such is accepted in their domain, however, I do frown upon it, when it involves one of our female ministers of government. I do hope that the ‘gentlemen’ in question, would have seen the error of their ways, and would dress more appropriately in future.

Yours faithfully,

C S Vaughn

Major (rtd)

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