Government should take off one water-taxi so minibuses can get a little money for Christmas

Dear Editor,

I am writing on behalf of the Number 56 Mini-Bus Owners’ Association. These buses operate from Rosignol to New Amsterdam, and I was the President of the association and am still a member. We are begging for President David Granger’s help because for the past 2 months or so we have been suffering badly as a consequence of the introduction of the water taxi.

We have 46 buses in the cycle of which 14 buses used to stay home every day; there were not enough passengers who used to ply the river. Now there are only 16 buses that can operate per day. We have insurance, a motor vehicle licence and fitness, but if we are not working how can we operate in a roadworthy condition? In addition, some of us owe the bank. We dropped our fare from $300 to $260 but the government is not doing anything for us.

I support the coalition along with 43 members of my family. I have 54 grandchildren, so what must we do this Christmas? I am entreating President Granger to take off one water taxi so that we can get a little money for Christmas. We the members of the 56 Mini-Bus Owners’ Association need the President’s help.

Yours faithfully,

Dennis Chesney


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