Joel Garner to challenge Dave Cameron for WICB presidency – report

(Trinidad Express) Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) representative Baldath Mahabir confirmed yesterday he will be contesting the post of vice-president of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) when the organisation holds its AGM in Kingston, Jamaica on March 7.
On Tuesday , reports coming out of Jamaica stated that former West Indies fast bowler Joel Garner received the backing of the William ‘Billy’ Heaven-led  Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) to try and oust incumbent Jamaican president of the West Indies Cricket Board(WICB) Dave Cameron at next month’s election of officers, with Mahabir expected to run as his vice president.
But asked if the TTCB had determined who they would be supporting for the WICB presidency, Mahabir, one of the TTCB’s two West Indies Board directors would not confirm who the local body would be supporting.
“I am not aware. That would have to come from the (TTCB) president (Azim Bassarath),” Mahabir said.
Several calls to Bassarath’s cell phone went unanswered.
According to the Jamaica report, members voted 10 to 6 at a JCA executive meeting Monday night to back Garner who will have Mahabir as his vice-presidential candidate, the current chairman of the marketing committee of the WICB. But contacted yesterday,
Mahabir, one of 12 nominated members with voting powers appointed by the TTCB, would only confirm that he is going up for the vice-president’s position.
“Yes, I was nominated by the TTCB and my nomination was seconded by the BCA (Barbados Cricket Association),” he told the Daily Express.
Asked if he was going up on a slate with Garner, Mahabir said: “I have just accepted the nomination and I have not spoken to anyone about anything like that (a slate) .”
Mahabir said the move to offer himself was borne out of the TTCB’s desire to have more influence in West Indies cricket.
“ I would not say this is a challenge (to the current administration), the fact is there is the thinking emanating from within the TTCB that we in Trinidad and Tobago need to play a bigger role. And that is the whole thing that has prompted the TTCB move,” he said.
Asked if he and the TTCB were not happy with the rule and performance of the WICB over the last two years under incumbent Cameron, who they supported for the presidency at the last AGM, Mahabir said: “ That answers your question. The fact that we believe we need to play a bigger role, it means you are not happy with all that was happening and so we feel that the T&T presence could influence the board to become a bit better.”
Asked if the India tour debacle influenced the TTCB to distance itself from Cameron, Mahabir said: “ Well remember, this was an (TTCB) executive decision, so I can’t speak for them and I wouldn’t want to pinpoint any one issue but we felt T&T should get involved.”
Nominations for the WICB posts are expected to close on Saturday.

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