Reaction to England’s World Cup exit

LONDON, (Reuters) – Reaction to England being knocked out of the World Cup following defeat by Bangladesh yesterday.

England captain Eoin Morgan: “To lose three wickets in four overs or something, and two wickets in one over, does not help the cause.

“I’m extremely disappointed because within the group there was a lot of belief and expectation to go further than this.”

Former England captain Andrew Strauss: “The truth is we are not good enough. From 1 to 11 we haven’t got the players who can compete with the top teams. We couldn’t compete with Bangladesh and we certainly can’t compete with Australia and South Africa.

“We have been poor for 20 years in one-day cricket and we will be poor for another 20 years unless we change the way we play our domestic one-day cricket.”

Former England captain Michael Atherton: “It’s a very sad evening here in Adelaide, and you feel for the players who are playing so far below their potential, and that’s a sad state of affairs.

“You have to go back to before the tournament began. England had a dreadful 2014 and came into this tournament on a terrible streak of bad form.

“They sacked their captain on the eve of the tournament, made critical changes for the first game of the tournament and they moved heaven and earth to try and get the preparation right for the World Cup.

“They moved The Ashes for heaven’s sake so we have had 10 back-to-back Ashes test matches so they have given every opportunity to plan for the tournament but they have made a bit of a Horlicks of it and the chickens have come home to roost tonight.”

Former England captain Nasser Hussain: “The planning here has been poor and that needs to be looked at. Do we view it as important as test match cricket?

“Would we, before the first Ashes test this summer, change our No.3 batsman the night before? No.

“Would we change our captain two months before? No. But we do it in one-day cricket. So the whole mindset of how importantly we view one-day cricket needs to be looked at.”

Former England batsman David Lloyd: “Bangladesh played really well to get from 10-2 to 275, but at the beginning I had Bangladesh as favourites to win this game, quite simply because I thought they were better cricketers than England — so it’s proved, so it’s not a surprise to me.

“But there will be a lot of soul-searching now by the England team and management but clearly, England are not good enough having lost four matches.”

Former England captain Ian Botham on Twitter: “Well done Bangladesh, England pathetic! When are we going to pick the selectors to pick a team for the 1 day format ? Time for change !!”

Former Australian leg-spinner Shane Warne: “England had the wrong team, the wrong style of play and everyone could see it, tonight’s result not a shock. I feel for Morgan, coach in trouble.”

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