ICC conference gets cracking in Barbados

The International Cricket Conference’s (ICC) annual conference began yesterday at the several suites at the Hilton Hotel in Barbados with meetings of the associate and affiliate members and according to the ICC’s Head of Global Development, Tim Anderson, the meetings were mainly to look at various issues affecting the development of the game among the 95 associates and affiliates of the ICC.

There were two meetings of the associates/affiliates yesterday the first from 9am to noon and the second from 12.30pm to 1.30pm. The affiliate members are represented by a regional delegate while all of the associate members are represented here in Barbados.

Anderson, who is based in Dubai, said the first meeting was an informal one used by the members to get reacquainted before getting down to the more serious issues later in the afternoon which included requests for membership, a report from the ICC and a review of the associates/affiliates performances at this year’s Cricket World Cup competition held in New Zealand and Australia.

We also use it as an opportunity to provide a report to them on the activities of the year with highlights etc which obviously in a year we just had a World Cup the performances of the associate members at the World Cup is a big focus.

“We’re very proud of the way that Ireland, Afghanistan, Scotland and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) played particularly Ireland, obviously beating West Indies and Zimbabwe. So that’s appreciated at meetings like that.

Anderson disclosed that Serbia is applying for affiliate membership of the ICC.

“The way it works is that recommendations get pushed through the week and at the annual conference that’s actually the AGM that’s when those decisions are ultimately finalized,” he disclosed.

Later yesterday a meeting among the chief executives of all the member countries was taking place and will continue this morning and run from 9.30am to 2pm.

Three representatives from the associate/affiliate group will also be in attendance, said Anderson.

There will also be a members’ seminar today for the associates/affiliates which according to Anderson is “largely an information sharing and professional development opportunity, so we’ll facilitate some speakers to come in, we’ll have some people giving some presentations….. so its a professional development meeting.”


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