Cycling road race to be decided over 7.14 miles

Cyclists from around the country will make their way to the city this weekend to compete in the National Time Trial and Road Race championships.

The flagship events of the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF) roll off tomorrow at 7 am with the Time Trial events from Chateau Margot to the Gas Station before the Conversation Tree.

On Sunday, the crème de la crème of Guyana’s wheelsmen will then compete for the title of national road race champion.

Orville Hinds
Orville Hinds

The course will be a 7.14 mile circuit starting on the southern carriage way of the East Coast Highway opposite the Ocean View Hotel. They will proceed west along the southern carriageway through to the Russian Embassy turn and Kitty Public Road. After making a sharp right turn while exiting Kitty on to the northern carriageway, the race then continues east up to Sparendaam where another sharp right turn will bring the cyclists back to the point of origin/finish.

The course is predominantly flat and rolling with windy conditions.

The Races are as follows:


 Alanzo Greaves 
Alanzo Greaves

Juveniles/Ladies: Start Time: 7:30 am

Distance: 3 Laps (21 miles/34 km)

Veterans: Start Time: 8:45 am.

Distance: 7 Laps (49.98 miles/79.96 km)

Juniors: Start Time:         9:05 am.

Distance: 6 Laps (43 miles/69 km)

Seniors:  Start Time: 11:30 am.

Distance: 13 Laps (93 miles/149 km)

Geron Williams 
Geron Williams


Raynauth Jeffrey
Raynauth Jeffrey
  1. Two Feeding Zone will be designated (Ocean  View going up & just after UG road coming down)
  2. There will be two neutral service vehicles with spare wheels on the course. No other vehicles will be allowed on the course.
  3. No feeding on last lap.
  4. Feeding commences after lap one.
  5. There will be no free laps.
  6. Any disputes shall be forwarded to the Chief Race Marshal within 15 minutes of completion of Race the by the Club Representative and the cyclists.

Last year’s winners Raynauth Jeffrey (Time Trial) and Geron Williams (road race) along with national riders, Alanzo Greaves, Hamza Eastman, Marlon Williams, Michael Anthony and Orville Hinds are all scheduled to be on their saddles. (Emmerson Campbell)

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