Hinds says improved communication needed for cricket success

KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – West Indies Players Association boss, Wavell Hinds, believes there needs to be greater communication among they key stakeholders in West Indies cricket, and says a harmonious relationship with the West Indies Cricket Board is key to the success of the game in the region.

 Wavell Hinds
Wavell Hinds

The former Test batsman, who serves as chief executive, said improved communication was necessary if the regional game was to be rebuilt.

“We need to improve the structures of West Indies cricket. How we communicate is one way we can improve big time,” Hinds told the Jamaica Observer newspaper.

“And that’s between all parties, including WICB, WIPA, players and territorial boards. There have been improvements, but we just have to make sure we are singing from one hymn book.”

WIPA was at the centre of the controversial abandoned one-day tour of India last October, when angry players called for Hinds’ resignation as they protested the Collective Bargaining Agreement he signed with the West Indies Cricket Board.

Players, then, claimed the new agreement resulted in a huge slash in their earnings, and contended that Hinds had not informed them of the change.

The agreement went to mediation and last month, WIPA and the WICB announced they had hammered out a new deal.

Hinds, who played 45 Tests and has sat on the WIPA executive for the last 13 years, said the players union had played a key role in helping to develop the game.

“We’ve implemented MOUs [memorandums of understandings] and CBAs (Collective Bargaining Agreements) over the years and we have instituted minimum standards and all those things,” Hinds pointed out.

“We’re still in that process of improving and we want to just continue the work of the previous administrators who have done a fantastic job. We are restructuring our staff to support those policies that we want to execute and carry out.”

Also key to development, Hinds contended, was the relationship between the WICB and WIPA, which in the past had been acrimonious.

“We are trying to improve relations with the WICB since we are about the same business in getting cricket to move forward and to galvanise support, not just from the fans, but from the corporate entities, both regionally and internationally,” Hinds said



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