Foreign company will win Goal Project bid

— Says GFF president Wayne Forde

GFF Wayne Forde President said the contract to build Guyana’s first ever FIFA Goal Project will be won by an international foreign based company and that the Golden Jaguars could possibly be action in the month of January 2016.

Wayne Forde
Wayne Forde

Speaking at the first press conference since his ascension to office, Forde said the tendering process will commence shortly as FIFA will issue the tender notice internationally.

He said that upon the completion of that procedure, the contract will be awarded to an overseas international corporation

Forde noted that the Goal Project will be done in two phases and that the construction of the complex will take approximately four years.

He disclosed that funding for this project will be done through two aspects which are the Goal Project and Challenger funding.

According to Forde, as soon as the first project is completed the GFF will be applying for the second and third projects, hinting that the next two locations for the complex could possibly be Linden and the Rupununi.

He said that this decision will be confirmed following discussions with the membership.

Meanwhile, Forde said that the GFF is trying to arrange an international series with a CFU rival in January.

According to him, while it is an arduous process to facilitate in the short time-frame, the federation is currently communicating with members of the aforementioned confederation.

He also said that following discussions with the government, football will be a major aspect of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the nation, with the possibility of international men and women fixtures set for that period.

Forde also disclosed that the GFF was currently organizing a five-day camp in Canada for the Lady Jaguars football team in preparation for the Olympic Playoffs in January, pointing out that an initiative will be undertaken to make the public more aware of the team’s players and achievements.

According to Forde, there is a general disconnect between the public and the Lady Jaguars team despite their continued success due to the lack of local players on the team and that he hopes this initiative can help to assist in remedying this problem.

Asked about the financial position of the federation, Forde said that while he is not in a position to disclose that information, the financial situation was quite challenging. According to Forde, the GFF has applied to FIFA for the remaining FAP funding for the year of 2015 and is hoping to receive the funds shortly.

Quizzed if the current situation engulfing FIFA will affect the FAP and Goal Project funding, Forde declared that if the situation will impact these sectors, that position will be notified to its membership by FIFA.

He, however said that the GFF is not in receipt of any such notice.

Questioned why the Committee Member vacancy following the pre-election resignation of Loring Benons has yet to be filled, he said they have not received a submission from the respective sub-association for the position yet but envisions a recommendation to be forthcoming shortly.

Similarly, Forde noted that the members to comprise the Ethics Committee of the GFF will be filled shortly as they are three vacancies on the five member body currently.

He suggested that the GFF will be making recommendations for individuals to hold those posts, declaring that while they will be able to execute their functions, their positions will only be confirmed at the next GFF Congress which is set to be staged before April 31st.

Forde declared that his first month at helm has been one of transition, noting that the reviewing of structures and implementation of policies for a better run federation was and is being undertaken.

He pointed out that emphasis will be placed on bringing the corporate sector back into the sport, declaring that the sector’s input into the discipline was affected by the public relations prior and that his committee has to restore confidence in the sector and bridge that gap.


According to Forde, the GFF has constituted a review committee to analyze the league, identify the areas of weakness and make recommendations that can be put into place to improve the product.

He noted that they are several aspects that are under review and said that the sustainability of the clubs during that period was the biggest concern.

According to Forde, the GFF has to contribute to this process as it is unreasonable for clubs to solely carry that burden. He said that practical ideas have to be fashioned to help remedy this problem as the country needs this semi-professional league in order to evolve into a professional structure.

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