Gov’t subvention for sports associations discussed

The allocation of funds for the smooth running of associations was high on the agenda when the principals of the new National Sports Commission (NSC) met with representatives of various sporting bodies at the National Resource Centre Saturday.

According to a release, the associations were unanimous in agreement that the allocation of funds was critical to the success of the sports disciplines.

At the meeting, all the associations were receptive to the point that funds should be allocated to them for their programmes.

Already, several of the associations have submitted projected plans for 2016 to the commission.

A section of the participants at last Saturday’s meeting between sports associations and the National Sports Commission.
A section of the participants at last Saturday’s meeting between sports associations and the National Sports Commission.

The release stated that the prerequisite for associations/federations/boards to receive funding from the commission, according to the NSC Act of 1993, is that they must have an elected executive, a bank account and they must keep proper accounts and records.

With guidance from the Act, commissioners sought to inform national associations of the role of the NSC in developing sport in Guyana and to identify some of the core issues that are currently affecting the proper administration of associations.

The forum recorded an impressive turnout from associations, federations and boards such as the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) and the Guyana Hockey Board. The NSC had invited presidents, general secretaries, and treasurers of each of the 30 plus listed national associations to attend.

The GCB, Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Hockey Board, Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG), Guyana Amateur Power-lifting Federation, Weightlifting Association, Swimming, Judo, Karate, Table Tennis, Cycling and many other associations were present.

Also notably in attendance was president of the Guyana Olympic Association, K. A Juman-Yassin and Director of Sport, Christopher Jones who opened the forum with brief remarks. Jones’s contribution was well received by the gathering some of whom spoke highly of his activism in sports.

The commission is also mandated to provide assistance to any sports organisation in their quest to audit their accounts or in relation to any other matter where assistance may be required, the release stated.

To this end, the GOA is in receipt of a NSC request to assist with ‘training’ for the administrative strengthening of associations available under International Olympic Committee (IOC) Solidarity Programmes.

Meanwhile, the NSC is also tasked among its critical functions, with establishing Regional Sports Committees or Advisory Units and Offices in the three counties of Guyana. The members of Regional Sports Committees shall consist of not more than five members and must come from the representative County. The commission, the release stated, will be moving in this direction.

The associations posed a number of questions dealing with issues pertinent to the forward movement of sport including the development of facilities for training, competition and encampment of athletes as well as anti-doping legislation.


These were all addressed.

Note: The Commissioners on new NSC includes: Ivan Persaud (Chairman), Nigel Hinds (Vice-Chairman), Edison Jefford, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Seon Erskine, Lavern Fraser, Inga Henry, Aliann Pompey and ex-officio member, Christopher Jones.

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