Football match abandoned due to larceny, poor lighting

The second annual Stag Beer Super XVI knockout football championships suffered its first unwanted incident as match-day three at the Grove Community ground was abandoned due to poor lighting and an instance of petty larceny.

With 22 minutes already contested in the opening fixture between Soesdyke Falcons and Pouderoyen FC, the officials were forced to leave the playing area after power to one of the mobile lighting towers was non-existent, rending a portion of the field dark.

The subsequent departure of the officials to the dressing area, revealed that individuals had gained access to one of the official’s training bags through the use of a partially broken glass pane on a grilled window.

Upon searching his belongings, it was revealed that his wallet containing credit cards and an undisclosed sum of money along with his cell-phone was nowhere to be found, prompting an immediate investigation and an abandonment of the fixtures.

The ensuing investigation led to the official’s wallet containing his credit cards being found outside of the dressing room. The Police were eventually called to the venue and further investigations were conducted. However the perpetrators were not found.

Due to the abrupt cancellation, the organizers of the tournament decided to refund the patrons entrance tickets to the rescheduled fixture which is tentatively slated for today at the Golden Grove Community ground.

At the time of the stoppage, Soesdyke Falcons was ahead by a 1-0 margin compliments of a 22nd minute penalty conversion from Andy Higgins. The second slated fixture of the night would have witnessed holders Grove Hi-Tech locking horns with Golden Grove.

Winner of the tourney will pocket $1,500,000 and the championship trophy while the second, third and fourth place units will receive $500,000, $300,000 and $200,000 respectively and the corresponding accolade.

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