Every year, an iconic piece invades the fashion world and becomes the ultimate must have. If you are on social media and follow fashion on the internet you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Bloggers, magazines, fashion editors, style websites praise the ‘it’ item they want to develop into the season’s must have and ultimately make consumers never second guess about buying it. The ‘it’ item is often perceived to be that piece that will ultimately make you stylish and at times automatically transfer you to the upper style echelon of society.

20140802wordOver the years, a few items have succeeded in gaining and retaining icon status; like the Celine Spy Bag, Valentino Rockstud Kitten Heels and who could ever forget when everyone and their mother seemed to have a famous brand letter logo belt? In the height of the moment when you are sucked in, you believe that ‘it’ item will elevate your style; and you happily hop on to the fashion bandwagon.

I have personally struggled with the ‘have-to-it’ fashion sickness. To be honest I am not sure if you can escape it, if you are a true fashionista. However, the question is, do these ‘it’ items make you feel better as a person deep down inside?

I started to question myself after I wore several ‘it’ pieces that I managed to get my hands on over a period of time. All this over-exposure that fashion marketing encourages is actually nowhere near to what you feel when you actually have the item in your possession.

MUA: Renee Chester; Photo by Jay Carter
MUA: Renee Chester; Photo by Jay Carter

In this particular case, the item was a Chanel bag. Anything Chanel at the moment is seen as the ultimate style victory, well maybe after Hermes. But it’s still a victory. Chanel is perceived as a very classy and timeless brand. Classy in such a way that you can’t necessarily even buy a Chanel bag on any and every luxury e-shop. For instance, you wouldn’t find it on Yoox.com or on Net-a-Porter which is like the internet version of Neiman Marcus. Chanel has created such an exclusive image that you tend to believe that owning one will suddenly better your life. You may think this is over the top, but two of my very dear friends expressed this same sentiment – a must-have because it’s Chanel.

For me, the bag itself which can be classed an ‘it’ item is overhyped and for that matter so are all other ‘it’ items. Owning one just means you own one. The fantasy that is projected through advertising really and truly doesn’t come to you when you finally have it. This still does however, leave room for those of you who haven’t experienced it and part of me wants to think that the emotional fashion torture will never go away until you finally get it.

Nevertheless, I feel obliged to say you that no fashion article really makes you better deep down inside. Fashion advertising is extremely manipulative and contributes to divisions in society. As much as I love fashion, it’s important to process the rationale behind our need to acquire some of items we lust after. It is important too that we debate our decisions and make sure they are truly wise. I feel nothing with Chanel. This bag is a trap. This week I am wearing My Favourite Culottes by Meiling, Zara Heels, Chanel Bag and a local find blouse from Colours Boutique.