Also-ran: Guyana

Out of the blue last Thursday, which was October 29, the media were informed that the Miss Guyana Universe Pageant contestants were going to be introduced to the media and the public on Sunday evening, November 1, at the Princess Hotel.

There was no prior hint—or if there was it would have been done very surreptitiously—that the local committee was accepting applications. And it seemed the committee had decreed that until Sunday, the contestants would remain unidentified, which is most unheard of.

20140201boxNot only were the contestants being presented in what can only be described as a hurried fashion, but the pageant, it was also revealed, is set for next Saturday, November 14. Following which, whoever wins, has just about a month to prepare for the Miss Universe pageant which is scheduled for December 20, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

This is one time when we would hope that a pageant and catwalk ‘veteran’ wins. At the very least, she will be able to fit in among the scores of well-prepared contestants who can actually hope to win the title and crown. However, what is wrong with this scenario, is that if the contestant was not good enough to win this pageant before, or any other, then what qualifies her now? What would have changed aside from the fact that she knows the ins and outs of pageants and her experience puts her ahead of the other green contestants?

As regards the other entrants, it is possible that they have stars in their eyes. And perhaps the lure of a trip to Las Vegas is too big a pull to resist.

We have said time and again that hosting the national pageant too close to the international one places Guyana’s representative at a disadvantage. The best will in the world and the best trainers could not have her ready for the rigours of the international pageant in a month.

We are going to be accused of being negative, but that’s okay. Prove us wrong. We would add that not even the contestants who had longer periods of preparation made it anywhere near the final ten.

In addition, there is more than likely a mad rush going on right now to get gowns and preliminary outfits ready for November 14, then there will be another dash to get the wardrobe ready for December 20 – it will have to be ready before as the contestant will need to be in Nevada days before the pageant. And not just that, the national costume. These things all have to wait until the local titleholder is announced as the contestants are of differing heights and sizes.

As much as we dislike the selection of a representative, as opposed to hosting a pageant, when the time is short it might just be the way to go. We must pause to mention here that while the Miss Guyana World franchise holder has done this before, a call is already out for the 2016 applicants – and the 2015 global pageant has not even been held as yet. Way to go! That is exactly how it should be done.

It is what is done in many countries and we have all heard it said time and time again that the strong contestants usually come from countries that put a lot into the preparation of their contestants. Obviously, to accomplish this, you need time.

There have been a few unexpected wins along the way, but if you’re paying attention you would have noticed that the so-called dark horses were/are contestants who also pushed themselves and who had a uniqueness that could not be ignored. We have not seen that calibre of contestant from Guyana as yet. And we have no idea if there is such a girl in the current bunch as we have not had an opportunity to observe the contestants’ strengths and weaknesses. We have not heard whether there will be a live, on air question and answer (intelligence) segment as there has been in the past. Maybe that too is being kept under wraps.

Again, at the risk of being criticized, we have to say that it appears Guyana is content to forever be among the ranks of also-rans. What else would explain this type of folly?

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