“Hello… It’s me,” Adele sings and the world responds with tears, joy, memes, gifs and over a million downloads in the shortest time possible. And now everyone is waiting for the rest of her latest album ‘25’, which will also be a bestseller. No doubt about it. And it is coming at the right time to be given as a Christmas present. Yes, Christmas, by tomorrow it will be just 40 days away.

culture boxAdele was quoted in an interview as saying that her own songs make her cry. Most if not all of her fans will be able to relate. Her songs make them/us cry too. The singer is so soulful that Jay-Z was reported to have described her as having the ability to “make a song cry.” This is a perfect description because that is exactly what she does.

There have been no leaks of any of the other songs on her album and some folks are debating whether “Hello” will take the top spot as the best song on the album. It does have that iconic quality and in Georgetown at least it has taken the place once held by Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” – played all the time, everywhere.

But then if you look back at Adele’s career, her first single “Hometown Glory” propelled her into the limelight. But then her first album ‘19’ came out and everyone was crazy over “Chasing Pavements,” even though “Hometown Glory” was on the said album.my personal favourite on ‘19’ was not even an Adele ‘original’. It was her cover of Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.”

Three years later, in 2011, there was a repeat with ‘21’. Everyone was “Rolling In The Deep” and with good reason; it was a smash hit and dubbed the biggest crossover, globally, in 25 years.

Anyone who had not heard of Adele before that song would have certainly woken up then. Then that same album also had “Set Fire To The Rain” and “Someone Like You,” both were eventually just as popular as “Rolling.” However, my personal favourites on ‘21’ were and always will be “Rumour Has It” and “One and Only.” And just like ‘19’, there wasn’t a song on ‘21’ that I didn’t like.

The next year there was “Skyfall,” the theme song to the Bond film of the same name that won her an Oscar and a successful 2013.

And now in seven days comes ’25,’ four years after ‘21’, seven years after ‘19’ and the first of her albums that won’t drop in January. Will that affect the Adele magic at all? Fans won’t care either way. In fact, if “Hello” was the only song on the album it would still be a sure hit.

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