Sarafina Edghill explores her culinary ambitions

Sarafina Edghill is a slight twenty-one-year-old graduate of the Carnegie School of Home Economics (CSHE) who has traded a schoolgirl dream of becoming an attorney for an adult preoccupation with an entrepreneurial excursion into culinary pursuits.

It is, she says, more than a fair trade and one with which she is entirely satisfied.

This year, Edghill made her first appearance at the Annual Roraima Wedding Expo. She had created the groom’s cake for the ‘Race to the Altar’ competition; more than that she went there to undertake a modelling assignment. That is another talent she possesses.

Sarafina Edghill  in culinary mode
Sarafina Edghill in culinary mode
Sarafina Edghill modelling a bridal gown at the 2016 Wedding Expo
Sarafina Edghill modelling a bridal gown at the 2016 Wedding Expo

After graduating from CSHE she had been encouraged by friends to persist in the practice of her talents. Her parents, she says, were excessively supportive. What began as an exercise designed more or less to parade her skills to her friends and family, blossomed into a business.

Edghill says that you arrive at a point where you become aware of your own worth. “That is when you start to think of it as a business,” she says.

Earlier this week she showed pictures of creatively designed birthday cakes. Her cupcakes sell well too.

She credits much of her exposure to a post-Carnegie attachment at the Caricom Secretariat. Catering jobs assigned to her by the secretariat allowed her the exposure she needed. At the same time Facebook and Instagram became her most valued marketing tools.

She has found her niche in cupcakes. They provide ample scope for her creativity and they “sell well” into the bargain.

Her entrepreneurial pursuits in the field of catering, she says, must await a further two years of study at the CSHE for what she says will be the equivalent of a degree of the culinary arts. After that she want to establish a restaurant “with a difference” and perhaps to test the business climate in another country.



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