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Entrepreneurs start businesses for a variety of different reasons including being their own boss, having a flexible work schedule, having control over the work they choose, making important decisions regarding their business, the earnings, the ability to design their lifestyle, and so on. These are all great reasons to get into business, but is it possible to also have a positive impact on the community in which you operate?

As an entrepreneur, are you trying to make a difference, every day? If you’ve been building a business for some time, you already know the importance of having your personal vision clearly defined as it keeps you focused and propels you forward when you meet the many potholes in your entrepreneurial journey.

While having a vision for yourself is great, have you ever thought of having one for the people you want to serve and other entrepreneurs with whom you interface? This could be game changing as your cause becomes less about your own goals as you concentrate on the difference you can make in the community in which you operate.

By Valrie Grant
Managing Director,

I’m compelled to share with you one bold entrepreneur whose vision is beyond self and who is playing a role in inspiring entrepreneurs to impact Guyana and beyond. She envisions a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs and playing her part in making this vision a reality.

Ms Junette Stuart is the Founder and Managing Director of Junshazynas World of Fashion & Interior Designing Enterprise. This Fashion and Interior Designer is a recent graduate of the Infodev/World Bank Women Innovators Network of the Caribbean (WINC) Acceleration Programme.

She understands that collaboration is vital to creating an entrepreneurial culture and that wanting to go it alone does not afford the opportunity for cross fertilization of ideas and knowledge exchange that is needed to support innovation and ensure the Caribbean is on a path of sustainable growth.

This understanding has led to her taking action and the latest step that demonstrates such collaboration is a Tea Party, Fashion, Poetry and Art Show set for Sunday at the Botanical Gardens from 2 pm to 5 pm. The theme of the event is ‘United on an Entrepreneurial Journey’.

The event will feature local entrepreneurs, who will be provided with an opportunity to showcase their products and network.  When asked what her hope is for women entrepreneurs, Stuart stated, “I envision positive change for women entrepreneurs. Women often have issues both in terms of self-confidence and business.”

She added that she would like women to truly understand the steps involved in growing their businesses and desires to support and build a better business environment adhering to quality and standards. Beyond the event she aims to mentor young entrepreneurs.

This entrepreneur believes in paying it forward and recognizes that together we rise. She believes if you don’t contribute to the growth and development of others then business success will be very limited. She desires that all will encourage true entrepreneurial pride by striving to make a difference.

Stuart is grateful for the support received for this event and wishes to thank the Small Business Bureau, Island Style Café & Juice Bar, Venus Beauty World, Makeda, Liesa Salon n Beauty Supplies, Cacique, Pro-care Guyana, NG’s Beauty Salon and all who have supported the organization of this event.

Together, entrepreneurs can find big solutions and contribute to economic growth and development. Permit me to borrow the quote, “a rising tide lifts all boats”.

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