Stalemate in local chess administration

20140126tiwariThe word stalemate has its origins in chess. It represents a drawing position in which only the king can move, and although not in check, can move only into check. The word represents a deadlock, and it is commonly used in the circumstances of human affairs, and international relations. The word is apt to describe the current disappointing circumstances of the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) General Meeting.

Since it was elected in February 2014, the current chess administration has not held an annual general meeting. The AGM is required by the chess constitution to be held annually not later than March each year. The constituted body, therefore, is illegal. However, the financial business of the Federation is still being conducted. Monies for tournaments are collected, sponsors are being encouraged to contribute and cheques are being signed. It’s business as usual, regardless. It seems as though there is ….