What if Guyana hosted the Umada Cup?

Event: The Umada CupĀ 

Location: Georgetown, Guyana

Host: Guyana Chess Federation

Date: Someday in the future



20131215chessThe Umada Cup is the premier Caribbean chess championship competition which is held annually, and is sponsored by FIDE, the governing body of world chess. Guyana hosted the first-ever Caribbean Chess Championship at the Pegasus Hotel in September 1975. From among the participating Caribbean nations, Cuba placed first and Guyana was second.

I am sitting in the tournament hall of a prominent city hotel awaiting the start of the Umada Cup. Webster saunters through the entrance. He always comes early; paradoxically, however, he travelled from Region One in the north-west vicinity of Guyana. We exchange pleasantries. Webster enquires about the overseas competition, who number one dozen Caribbean territories, and who are still at breakfast…..