Cassava in Pickle

Boiled and sliced ground provisions work well as a side dish or the main starch to a curry or stew with lots of sauce/gravy. Once boiled, things like sweet potatoes, yams, and cassava open up in ways that allow for the quick and thorough absorption of any added sauce or flavour liquid.

20151018in good taste logoIn Barbados, boiled breadfruit, sweet potatoes and green bananas are frequently doused in a pickling liquid and served as salad or accompaniment to meat souse. I figured that the same application would work for cassava. I tested 2 applications – the first was to submerge the cassava in the pickling liquid and the second was to generously spoon the pickling liquid over the cassava a few minutes before serving. The first application made the cassava too wet and soggy, while the second was perfect! There was just the right amount of spicy, briny liquid to flavour the cassava…..