Agapanthus commonly called African Lily or Lily of the Nile originated in South Africa.

Garden (Peggy Chin)Lily of the Nile grows well in South Africa and in the tropics. This unique and wonderful lily can be grown as a border perennial plant. It can also be grown as a potted plant

Lily of the Nile is a bulb plant. Plant the bulb in well-drained soil approximately 2 inches deep in full sun. Moisten soil with a light spray of water and keep soil moist.

Within a few days, thick, fleshly roots and new foliage of rich, green, basal strap-like leaves will begin to develop. After a few weeks several tubular shaped flowers will develop in colours of blue to purple.

After blooming time, like all bulbs there is a resting period. So your bulb is likely to go to sleep and pop up back for the next season. Every year, the plant will grow bigger and eventually it will need to be repotted. Please take extra care when repotting as some roots may need to be trimmed and choose a pot twice the size. Fertilize with Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food once every 2 weeks.

Until next week, Happy Gardening.

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