What the people say about… The parking meters the city plans to install

Interviews and photos by Jonelle Fields and David Papannah

This week we asked the man and woman in the street for their views on the City Council’s announced plan to install parking meters in Central Georgetown this year. Their comments follow:


20160613Shawn TaharallyShawn Taharally, driver – ‘The roads in Guyana do not have space to facilitate much vehicles much less the parking meters. As far as I’m concerned they are just finding ways to raise revenue in Guyana.’






20160613Benni SinghBenni Singh, farmer – ‘I think it is something that is really good, because a lot of vehicles parking all over the place. It is a good idea because some people just blocking up the place and if they have to pay to park they would not want to stay long. Sometimes people would park in Georgetown to waste time, punishing those who really need the space. With this system, persons will know how to manage their time.’





20160613Ammiel GarnettAmmiel Garnett, Qualfon employee – ‘I think it is foolish. The economy is not ready for parking meters. Everything is money! The next thing they will want money for is the air we are breathing. In addition, prices for certain things have skyrocketed and now they want to install meters that you have to pay. Their plan and their strategies are very poor. They should rethink this parking meter thing.’





20160613Keisha SimonKeisha Simon, sales personnel – ‘I think it is a good idea because a lot of persons selling on Water Street usually would park on the road and sell from their vehicles. Customers who want to run into the stores and buy can’t find parking space. I also think that the price they are charging is pretty reasonable. However, apart from the installation of parking meters, big businesses should provide parking lots for their customers who are coming to shop in their stores. To me that would be better as well.’



20160613Henry BrownHenry Brown, pastor – ‘I have no problem with the parking meters. They will use the revenue from that to enhance the city. I think the revenue that will be brought in by the meters will be going towards a good cause. The whole objective is to increase revenue to take the city to the next level. And if you are taking the city to the next level, this requires finances and you can’t do things without money, so I am on board with the meters. I further believe that this will attract foreigners, when they see the high standards in Guyana, it will attract them. High standards always attract people.’




20160613Shivannie BakshShivannie Baksh, cashier – ‘For me I don’t think it is a bad idea. Most countries in the world have it and the parking meters would definitely upgrade Georgetown. I don’t know how it will work out for the taxi drivers. I feel that they may want to raise their prices. So the parking meters would have disadvantages as well. Another scenario is what will happen to those employees who work eight hours a day. They will have to pay a lot of money to park their vehicles while they work. So the meters have its advantages and disadvantages.’




20160613Kenneth SempleKenneth Semple, student – ‘The parking meters will be effective. More people are buying vehicles for themselves and so they can afford to pay the charge. The meters will ensure smoother traffic and less traffic build up in the city. I know it has been working for a lot of countries and it will do the same for Guyana. However since it is something new to us, people will need the time to adjust to it when it’s installed.’





20160613Travis LewisTravis Lewis, policeman – ‘I think that we do need the parking meters. Seeing that we have a new government we should give them a chance, because they know what the country needs best. If that’s the way they think we need to improve Guyana we should give them a chance and give this new system a chance to work. I would use the meters when they are installed and I won’t mind paying the charges that are attached to them.’




20160613Keyon MorganKeyon Morgan, Monitoring and Compliance officer – ‘It’s a modern idea that will generate much needed finances for City Hall. However, I was hoping for a more holistic approach from the council that would have addressed parking, traffic congestion and ease of movement in the city of Georgetown. This will not fix the current problems in the city nor will it be easy to implement and monitor given the geography of Georgetown. Why is the old railway on Lamaha Street not being utilized as a solution to the parking problems? This too will generate revenue and ease the traffic congestion in the city.’




20160613Omari AustinOmari Austin, student – ‘Honestly, for me, I don’t think that it will make a lot of sense. There are too many vehicles in Georgetown right now and there are very little parking places anywhere. And people would park anyhow. Even if there is no parking, they stop anyhow. I think the parking meters will make sense if they are in parking lots. Like a huge parking area where you can drive in, park, pay your meter and you can stay for an hour or two. And in these parking lots security should be provided because you’re paying. So for me it would not make a lot of sense right now, only if they are providing parking lots.’


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