The forest structure operations behind Guyana’s low deforestation rate

On-going series

The recent media release by ExxonMobil to the effect that the findings of its second offshore well (Liza 2) appear to confirm the substantial size of Guyana’s potential oil and gas reserve, presents me with a welcome opportunity to remind readers that my recent columns on Guyana’s extractive forest sub-sector are directly linked to an ongoing series dedicated to evaluate Guyana’s future Guyana and the wider world(new1)as an intensive natural resources extraction-dependent economy, in the coming time of large-scale oil and gas production and export. My argument is: this circumstance offers the profoundest opportunity for Guyana’s structural transformation, since its Independence, half-a-century ago.

Readers would recall this series has already considered gold and bauxite as strategic mineral sub-sectors, and is presently pursuing a discussion of forestry, which is easily the most strategic non-mineral extractive sector…..