Their favourite TV show, film, book or radio station

Photos by Shabna Rahman

This week we asked the man and woman in the street to talk about their favourite show on television, the last movie they would have seen, the last book they read or their favourite radio station and why they consider them to be their favourites. Their comments follow:

20160704Clement Jackson
Clement Jackson

Clement Jackson, Adventist medical missionary – ‘The last movie I’ve seen which is also my favourite movie is Martin Luther. It is my favourite movie because it portrays the history of the reformation which started in Germany. In fact, America started their principles based on that. There is also a book on the movie, so instead of reading it you can also watch it. I don’t have a favourite radio station because I don’t really listen to the radio. The books that I am reading now are Table Talk: Martin Luther and the Great Controversy. All of these books are based on the reformation and they help me to understand how the world works and most of all how the Christian denominations came into existence.’

20160704Monett Lee
Monett Lee

Monett Lee, sales representative – ‘Well I hardly watch television but I’m mostly on my computer and I use Netflix. The last movie I watched online was The Forest. The Forest is a horror movie, which I like a lot because of the thrills. I don’t really listen to the radio because I am always working.’


20160704Patricia Dashunta
Patricia Dashunta

Patricia Dashunta, cashier – ‘The last movie I watched was Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I liked the movie because of the passion in the characters. The movie teaches you a great lesson that you should not take people for granted, not your ex-husband or your ex-wife because you might eventually need them. I watched the movie in the comfort of my own home since I have a smart television, so I don’t need to leave my house to watch a movie.’

20160704Sanita Hamilton
Sanita Hamilton

Sanita Hamilton, store supervisor – ‘The last movie I watched was a Christian movie I bought on DVD and the name of that movie was War Room. It is a really nice movie, which gave me so much courage and hope, made me feel like I could face anything. I bought the movie and I watched it at home.’


20160704Tony Burnette
Tony Burnett

Tony Burnett, tout – ‘My favourite shows on television are those game shows like the Price is Right and reality shows like, America’s Got Talent and Steve Harvey. They are very fun to watch and it is real, it is live! I don’t really go to the movie theatres because I have everything I need in my house, so I don’t go to those places. My favourite radio station is 94.1. I listen to it every day just for the latest music.’

Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar

Raj Kumar, businessman – ‘I basically watch television for cricket, because I really love the sport and my religious programmes every morning. However, the last movie I watched was Housefull 3 at the theatre with my family. It was a nice family-oriented movie and it was very funny. I listen to the radio sometimes. I listen to 98.1 just for the news and the songs. I don’t really read books though, because I am always busy.’


Daniel Prescott
Daniel Prescott

Daniel Prescott, teacher – ‘The last movie I watched in the theatre was X-Men Apocalypse. The movie really grabbed my attention as it brought out a timeless message that good always prevails over evil. I watched the movie at the theatre because I wanted to see it in 3D which was really cool. The visual effects in the movie were awesome and mind-blowing. The last book I read recently was Twilight, never mind it has been out for years and there was a movie, I just could not have helped myself. The books are just great and the writer is very creative. I just like reading it a lot. I just love reading in general.’

Yannick Xavier
Yannick Xavier

Yannick Xavier, technician – ‘My favourite movie is Hercules, which was the first movie I went to the theatres and watched in 3D. I don’t really have a favourite television show because ever since I got the internet I have been online watching postings on YouTube. The last book I read was Jack the Giant Slayer, which I thought was interesting.’

Ignatius Persaud
Ignatius Persaud

Ignatius Persaud, taxi driver – ‘I don’t get the time to watch shows because of my job but when I do, I would usually watch sports shows because I am a fan of sports. I have never been to the new movie theatres as yet but when they had the cinemas, like Astor and Metropole, back in the days I used to go. I do listen to the radio, I switch between FM stations from time to time when I’m travelling to get the best music. When it comes to reading, I don’t read books but I would read the newspaper. I start reading from the back, which is the sports section, working my way to the front of the newspaper where the other stories are.’

Quacy Lewis
Quacy Lewis

Quacy Lewis, immigration consultant – ‘Well my favourite television show is Scandal! Olivia Pope! I am just fascinated by the actor Kerry Washington. I think the storyline is epic. When it comes to watching movies, I don’t really find the time to go to the theatre. I can’t tell the last time I actually sat down to watch a movie. However, in the case of listening to the radio, I only listen to 98.1 FM. I believe it is real and more reliable than the other stations.’

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