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This week we asked the public’s opinion on whether or not workers should post comments about fellow co-workers on Facebook or other social media


20160912jameel-grahameJameel Grahame

‘It is my opinion that the principle of freedom of expression is grounded in controversial commentary. If people only spoke of the positives there would be no need for a freedom of expression act. In terms of posting about workmates on social media I think it is a matter of personal judgment. Some statements may elicit a negative or hostile response and it is therefore left to the judgement of the account holder if he or she feels that the situation warrants whatever hostilities the said post may or may not create. In my opinion administration should not intervene in such matters unless the post incites acts of violence, terror or any other illegal activities. I further believe that by intervening the administration is simply one infringing on an individual’s right to freely express his or her opinion.’



Onix Duncan

20160912onix-duncan`There are some measures put in place at certain work places where the privacy of their company and their employees are very much important. Posting negative stuff of or about your work colleagues could not only bring someone down but could also cost you to lose your job and  at the same time lower one’s self-esteem. The only way one should post about each other is if they have a mutual understanding or agreement’



20160912latoya-hallLaToya Hall

`I don’t think that persons should take to Facebook or any other social media to embarrass a co-worker that is just plain wrong. If you and that co-worker have an issue you should deal with it amongst yourselves. These days because of easy access to social media, persons just pick up a phone or a laptop and say and put anything they want out there. You should not seek to embarrass anyone, instead you should try to uplift each other, and encourage one another on social media. I understand persons may say freedom of expression and they have the right to talk, but it doesn’t mean you should abuse that freedom and say unnecessary things about a co-worker or anyone for that matter. ‘



20160912ceon-balgobinCeon Balgobin

‘I don’t think persons should post things about their colleagues on social media. Whatever happened in the work place, it supposed to finish right there. It is not supposed to be going on social media because it is between colleagues, it is not for the world because social media is worldwide and those comments you should keep it to yourself. If you want to post something about yourself that is fine but not something between you and your colleague.’



20160912brandon-mertonBrandon Merton

`I don’t thing persons should write things about their colleagues on social media. I think it’s bad enough that persons already post crap on Facebook every single day, and posting on somebody that you work with eight hours per day or more is dreadful to me. We have a work ethic where I work, whereby we respect our colleagues, though we may have our differences the respect is there 24/7.’




20160912rondell-bookerRondell Booker

` I don’t see it as a problem, if the person you’re posting about doesn’t have a problem with your comment then it’s fine. But then again your comments on your colleague should only be positive and not negative. ‘



20161202renee-shepardRenée Shepard

`Well when it comes to negative comments, I don’t think that co-workers should take to social media to expose their colleague and stuff. I think you should deal with it in private. I don’t think that social media is where you should go and post anything about them because on social media a lot of persons can see that comment and when they see that person in public they would say something bad behind that person’s back. And the next thing too, you don’t know the mindset of the person you’ve embarrassed on social media, they could be suicidal because you have people judging them from the outside and not knowing the real situation. A next thing is ‘shade throwing’ I don’t understand why people do it, I just get fed up when I go on social media and see people doing it. Social media I think was created to have a positive relationship with people and not to expose people. If you have something to post about someone let it be positive and let their light shine, because at the end of it all persons only remember the bad things posted about a person on social media and we don’t want that. ‘


20160912rovin-persaudRovin Persaud

`I don’t think persons should post negative comments about their co-workers, especially if it’s something that would defame their character. You should always post uplifting words about them or if you cannot post anything good don’t do it at all, you should always keep it positive. The workplace is a professional setting if you have a problem with a colleague take it up to the Human Resource Officer instead of posting something on Social Media. ‘


20160912tavon-allicockTavon Allicock

`I don’t think it is right to post anything about your co-worker and not just your co-worker but anyone for that matter. Because you have to remember that everyone has feelings and people might react differently to things, so posting it might not be a problem but how the person would react to it is the problem. I don’t think you should be calling anyone stupid or ignorant, maybe if you do it in a funny way and you’re  just joking around but if you are being serious I don’t think you should be name calling. If you have a problem with your co-worker, the polite thing to do is to talk to them about it or take it up to management but you should never vent about it on social media. ‘


20160912keron-rossKeron Ross

`Some colleagues are ok with you posting stuff about them on Facebook as long as the post isn’t offensive. While there are other colleagues that hate the idea of their life being on Facebook. So you have to know who’s comfortable about posting stuff on Facebook, and those who detest it.’

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