garden (new)Trees are grown for their beautiful flowers and others for their beautiful foliage.

There are small, medium and large trees, planted along avenues, roadways and streets, as well as in parks, gardens and homesteads. Trees provide shade from the blazing sun and no landscaping design is completed without trees.

Trees are also important as they absorb carbon dioxide and purify the air we breathe in. In simple terms, trees clean the air! Can we live without them? No we cannot; trees are very important to our environment.

Photos by Keno George
Photos by Keno George

It is estimated that there are approximately three trillion trees throughout the world, but the world loses some 15 billion trees a year.

One tree can provide oxygen for up to four people.

Guyana is blessed with vast amount of land and forest.  Let us preserve it and save our trees.  Trees should be trimmed and balanced at least two to three times per year and the trimmed branches should be sealed to prevent decay.

There is much talk about a green city and a green Guyana. How many trees were planted for 2016?

October is the month dedicated for planting trees. Let us adopt an area, a street or avenue and plant trees. Generations to come will thank you. I urge you to plant and/or save a tree. Let us raise awareness about trees.

If anyone needs advice on what kind of tree to choose, kindly contact me via email at

Until next week, happy gardening.

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