With the festive season soon approaching many of you are thinking of repotting your plants so that they would be ready to display in the house or garden.

20130630Garden (Peggy Chin)Many plants grow well during the year in prepackaged potting soil.

However, after a period of time many of them become root bound or grow out of their containers.

Not only are the minerals in the soil of the potted plant quickly exhausted, but the soil itself often gets polluted with harmful salt from tap water, certain chemicals and fertilizers.

Therefore, most plants should be repotted at least once per year.

When choosing a new pot make sure it is a size or two bigger and that there is a drainage hole in it. You can ease up watering the plant for a day or two, so that the plant can dry out, making it easier to transplant. Once this is done, set up your new pot.

Place some crock or pebbles at the bottom for drainage.  Simply unmould the plant by slipping it out of the pot. Do this carefully so to avoid damaging the root structure.

Lightly knead the old soil clump or cut away approximately one to two inches of the old soil.  Put a little of the new soil at the bottom of the new pot, then set the plant on top and gently pack more new soil around it. Leave approximately one inch from the top of the pot free. Make sure you give the plant a good drink of water.

After repotting, it is a good idea to prune a little of the top part of the plant to minimize surface evaporation. Keep the repotted plant out of sun for a few days.

Until next week, Happy Gardening.

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