Today’s PPP, the Chronicle and CNN

Victoria: A God neither Black nor White?

It doesn’t take any rabidly – anti-PPP individual or group to raise their eyebrows – or ire whenever that Party essays a particular type of criticism of the Granger administration’s style of governance, missteps or obvious blunders.

Any fair-minded, even a-political matured citizen inhabiting the Republic for, say, the past twenty-five years will know of the corruption, scandals, discrimination and mismanagement evident during the post-Jagan PPP sojourn (1998-2015). Even honest PPP diehards have to be either bold-faced or arrogant-in-denial not to concede how tainted that period of government was. What moral ground do those current PPP stalwarts have to impugn the governmental newcomers?

Mind you, they do have all justification to exercise their duty to monitor, scrutinise and criticise the APNU+AFC wrong-doings. Not merely oppose to depose but to fulfill their constitutional and political mandate to hold the government accountable; to point out mischief and, yes, to assist the administration in governing. (“Loyal oppositions” of times past actually had to do such.)

Frankly speaking, the irony of the thing is that today’s PPP opposition should dedicate its energies to ensure that the APNU+AFC guys and girls don’t ever become like they – the PPP comrades – were!

Oppose, expose, depose

After being manoeuvred out of office by the PNC-UF duo in 1964, the late Grandpa Cheddi’s opposition declared its intention to “oppose – expose – depose” the installed coalition. Try as they might the “depose” component was not attainable for nearly three decades.

Today’s PPP’s obvious strategy is to be similar in intent and strategy. Our present Brigadier-President may attempt all the importuning about political unity and inclusion all he wants, this PPP will not be interested. For one thing they might be excused for wondering about Granger’s sincerity and secondly, the PPP does not see it in their political interest to cooperate on anything at this time.

Their two major strategies for survival and possible return to the spoils are obvious: oppose, contradict and discredit the presidency and government with all their might and barefaced subterfuge and influence relentlessly their old supporters and their loyal offspring (18-20 years) born the other day to stay wedded to the Cup as some salvation from Granger’s “soldiers”.

Tell me: is safeguarding or regaining political, executive power ever about people’s livelihood?

One sordid element of Forbes Burnham’s regime during my professional time was his almost unnecessary control of the press. Would you believe that one minister then actually decreed that Cheddi Jagan’s photograph/image should never appear on the Chronicle’s front pages?

Today the state-friendly Chronicle is no longer the Freedom House/GINA-type of Party-loving medium. But Vice-President Nagamootoo is on record as stating that it must reflect government’s positions – lots of GINA-generated stuff and other feel- good features. Why?

I think the Chronicle is manfully struggling for balance. Even with the Prime Minister’s man at the helm. Hey Mr Williams, Mr Wray, Mr Marks, what about some special page for opposition views and constructive suggestions from the comrades-in-the street?



The “Clinton” News Network (CNN)

Eminent leaders and personalities world-wide often admit that they deliberately tune in to the American TV network – Cable News Network (CNN). So influential and professional is its global reach and status. Only the BBC was so once respected. How the visionary Ted Turner conceived and developed CNN makes an intriguing documentary.

But my Lord! Today, as part of the anti-Donald Trump “movement”, the “Clinton news outfit” now reminds me of the PPP! Brutalised by Hillary’s loss CNN is now like a rabid opposition pressure group against a fair-and-square victory.

The triumphant Maverick (Bernie Sanders – insurgent-type) Trump can do nothing right for CNN and its political panels. The network won’t wait for January. Trump is not to be given a chance! From his businesses, his conflicts, his wife and family and campaign messages there are sustained attacks on Donald and his picks.

Protests are highlighted; insults against the vice-president elect are promoted as manifestation of the losers’ fears, anxieties and hopelessness; defiance on campuses and school-districts (one lesson-plan in San Francisco will actually teach that the new president is a bigot and racist – to children!) – these are all glorified by the once-balanced CNN. President Obama, in his role as surrogate-in-chief for Hillary, will get maximum positive coverage from this friendly network. But as a powerful component of the anti-Trump American mainstream media CNN has outdone even its biased opposition role. That’s my view. Trump’s own dubious status as incoming leader of the “Free” World could be undermined by his very own. “White Supremacist” or not what will the millions who voted for him think about CNN?

Victoria – and God

Dear readers, I pledge to return to this theme next Friday. Though I intend to be succinct, space here will not allow for full report.

Historian-President David Arthur Granger delivered a powerful historical sermon on Villages, Victoria and the role of Church and God amongst the pioneers of the Village Movement recently. Fascinating stuff! Bear with me, please.


Ponder well…

.1)  See, experience how the Brigadier approaches the green economy and revolution that the champion-of-the-earth and his low carbon initiative started.

.2)  Donald Trump’s grandfather was a German immigrant. His wife is (also) a new American. (She is taking away Michelle’s job!)

.3)  Has Pope Francis in Rome ever heard about our own “Pope” Emmanuel/London? From time to time the recongnised Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church has had to grapple with real sexual scandals amongst his priest. Surely he’ll offer prayers for our Pope (?)

.4)  Coming soon: Who cares the most for sugar workers? Government? GuySuco? The Unions? The political parties? The economy? (Why?)

’Til next week!



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