This week on What the People Say, we asked residents to comment on the upcoming Local Government Elections. Here are their responses:

Photos and interviews by Shabna Rahman



20160118Shakeela BasdeoShakeela Basdeo, businesswoman

‘Yes, I would be voting at the Local Government Elections. It is good that we are finally having it because if anything goes wrong in the community we can speak up without being afraid. The best part is that there would be actions behind it. Before, there used to be a lot of talking and no actions. Better systems would be put in place, like for drainage and irrigation. I live in this place [Farm, EBE] a long time ago and I know how much flooding we would have. I keep hearing the talk about Local Government Elections and I have been following it up in the media.’


20160118Dale De AbreuDale De Abreu, minibus conductor

‘I would decide if I would vote when the time reaches. I heard people talking about local government but I am not too familiar with it. I think it is all about cleaning up the environment, having proper drainage and maintaining the roads. What I would like to know is if those involved would execute the works or if it would just be promises. We want to see the communities developed; we don’t want it to remain as it is. Look at this place condition.’



20160118 Amelia PersaudAmelia Persaud, farmer/

market vendor

‘I have been following the Local Government Elections and I know that it would be held for the development of the country and the communities. Yes, I would be voting. I live far down in Parika Backdam and we have good road and light, which we were deprived of for years. We do not have any problems with drainage and irrigation. We suffered with bad roads for years and it used to be difficult to bring out our produce. Thank God we have good roads today. We trust that there would be betterment after the LGE,’



20160118 Keith ‘Barry’ StephneyKeith ‘Barry’ Stephney,

minibus conductor


‘I would be voting at the Local Government Elections for sure. I am a councillor at the NDC so I have been following it. It would be a credible election because most of the people are excited about it and are looking forward for it. I think everybody is working for it to be a success. At present the NDC is being hampered by the regional administration. With all the people paying their rates and taxes, to get approval for a project, you have to go through the RDC. It takes some time and it frustrates you. But with this new system where they are handing back everything to the NDC, I think we should get more developmental work done at a faster rate.’


20160118 Arnold SealeyArnold Sealey

‘I am looking forward for the Local Government Elections and I would definitely be voting. We didn’t have the elections for 21 years and I think everybody should come out and vote. If we win this region [three] I would be a councillor. Presently I have signed for my PR – proportional representation, so I would be a representative in my community.’



20160118 Kishore PersaudKishore Persaud, businessman

‘For sure I would be voting at the Local Government Elections. I have been following it and I think it’s a good thing because more people would be involved in politics or the everyday running of their own community. And that is what they should do because we as residents need to have a say in what is going on. I think there would be more development if more people participate. I just admire the system of the local government. It would be better than the previous system that we had. Now we can vote for who we think can run the affairs of the community.’



20160118 Elenita WongElenita Wong, housewife

‘I do not know too much about the Local Government Elections but I would be voting. We have good road and drains here at Parika. I heard that there would be more development if we have the elections and it would be for the benefit of everyone in the community.’



20160118 Seokumar SinghSeokumar Singh, Tuschen

hire car park monitor

‘To me Local Government is all about lip service; they’re not doing the practical thing. So even if we have a change of administration, it would be the same thing.   

If we make a report about a street or drain, they would take it but would do nothing about it. The Tuschen Housing Scheme has been in existence for about 15 years and the NDC is not doing anything in here. If residents want any work done they have to pay money to the NDC. That is double standard and it is going to continue.’

20160118 Rasheed Saffee Rasheed Saffee, hire car driver

‘The roads in my area are in very bad condition and we need them to be fixed. The drains block up and some people clean them but some are not. I hope that after the Local Government Elections everything would improve. Some people have house lots and are not occupying them. The government should take them away and give it to those who need it. We need some help in this park because a lot of people are doing nonsense and the police are hardly coming.’

20160118 William Wong,William Wong, hire car driver,

‘For sure I would be voting. I am happy that they are having the Local Government Elections because everyone would be responsible for the community. There would definitely be more development, much more than we have now. Right now the roads and drains at Uitvlugt are in very bad condition. I would damage my car; tyres bend up and shocks breaking up and the money we make is barely enough.’



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