What the people say about… The upcoming 50th Independence Anniversary

Interviews by Jonelle Fields with photos by David Papannah

This week we asked the man and woman in the street about their plans and thoughts on the 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations. Their comments follow:


20160516Shenelle De JongeShenelle De Jonge: ‘I think it’s nice to be celebrating and participating in any activity for the 50th Independence. I am a school teacher and I know schools have been participating by enhancing their environment with the colours of the flag and I think it looks really pretty. I have encouraged my students to be a part of the festivities and be a part of history.’





20160516Jueal RussleJueal Russle: `I am so excited and happy about this anniversary. I know I will enjoy myself and have fun. I also plan to be a part of the shows that will be coming up. A lot of persons I know are coming back just for the 50th. I mean a lot has been done just for the anniversary, just take a look at how Guyana, especially Georgetown is looking nice and clean and I think the visitors will appreciate that.’




20160516Feeyah ZamalFeeyah Zamal: ‘A lot has been done for the celebrations which is quite good for the country. I think Guyana has achieved a lot over the years. The thing I really like about the 50th is the decorations, especially GRA and the Bank of Guyana they look real good. One activity I will definitely be a part of is GuyExpo.’





20160516Yonnette OnielYonnette Oniel: ‘The 50th is coming good. I can’t wait to see the float parade. I think that will be big so I’m looking forward for that. Well since I’m working for Ridley’s food, I will be working for GuyExpo but I will check out the different booths when I get the time. I am really in awe at the decorations on the different buildings, with the flags and so on. Back then persons use to dress up their buildings but not this much like how they are doing it now. I really hope that aspect continues over the years. One of my major concerns is whether that Jubilee Park will be finished in time for the parade. However, I believe that Guyana has come a far way for the 50 years. We have developed a lot but we still have a far way to go and maybe we will get there for the next 50 years.’



20160516Sherod DuncanSherod Duncan: ‘I am very excited about Guyana at 50 and all the activities that are planned to commemorate the event. This is a once-in-a-lifetime activity although next 50 when we celebrate I will be very old but this is a good time to be a Guyanese, to celebrate our Guyaneseness and I will say to everybody make the best use of the events because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really celebrate our 50 years of history, where we have really come so far and to think of where we are going the next 50 years. I will be going to as many of the activities as I can possibly go to. The buildings with the decorations have really gone above and beyond and they have really outdone themselves and I commend them for that.’




20160516Nazir KhanNazir Khan: ‘I am very excited about Guyana’s 50, and you know many tourists are coming into Guyana for the activities that are planned, which is very good for tourism in Guyana. I will be taking a walk with my family and we will be going to the flag-raising ceremony and also GuyExpo.’





20160516Fredricka WilliamsFredricka Williams: ‘Well I came back to Guyana especially for the 50th Anniversary to catch all of the planned events. I’m anticipating that the float parade is going to be big and so I’m very excited to see it. The flight I came on had a lot of tourists and they all were talking about 26 May! 26 May! So a lot of persons flew in especially from New York just to be a part of the grand celebrations. All of the decorations on the buildings have really brightened up Guyana. Apart from that the cleanliness of the Stabroek area and other places around Georgetown has improved and that has placed persons, especially me, in the mood to celebrate the independence.’




20160516 Beni SankarBeni Sankar: ‘I think it is a good idea to celebrate. I mean its 50 years and it’s a long time. I am impressed with the preparations so far and the President should be commended. A lot of people I know from donkey years are coming back for the celebrations. This will boost tourism as well as trade because businesspersons have also used this time to invest in Guyana. I am not interested in a particular activity but I will attend a few. I have donated some of my labourers to help with the construction of the stadium, to make it better and safer for those who will be there for the events. I am very excited for Guyana. Fifty years is a great achievement for a country.’




20160516May CheungMay Cheung: ‘I am very impressed with what they are doing and I have seen significant changes in Guyana for the 50th. The city looks very bright and beautiful and I hope it stays the same after these celebrations. Guyanese are being very patriotic, with a lot of flags on public and private buildings, which is really nice. I sure hope that this event will bring in tourists and bring back tourism and make the country go up back.’





20160516 Ronella CastelloRonella Castello: ‘Well I have nothing much to say, just that I’m excited to be a Guyanese at this time. I’ve seen tremendous change and development in our nation over the years. Moreover I’m seeing new visions for our country being rolled out. I will be proudly participating in the celebrations of our 50th Anniversary as I can’t wait for the float parade. I just want us to have unity in this season as a people – no crime, no accidents, just pure excitement and fun.’

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