The US elections and President-elect Donald Trump

Interviews and photos by Jonelle Fields and David Papannah

This week we asked the man/woman in the street for their views on the US election and President-elect Donald Trump. Their views follow:


20161114devon-gibbonsDevon Gibbons, teacher

`I have been a keen observer of the US 2016 Elections. This is so because of the presidential candidates Mrs. Hillary Clinton, a female politician for over 30 years and Mr. Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman. A determined Trump plans to make America great again and I got to say if he feels he can do it, I got to give him a chance and so did many of the US citizens on Wednesday. I am of the view that Mr. Trump really has a passion for his country and will work towards its betterment. Guyana and the Caribbean generally have always been affected by most of the choices and policies of the United States of America, we need to accept what we cannot change politically and develop those we can by learning from such a big and powerful country. Take for instance, the transition plan the White House will prepare for a transitioning of power. We can actually learn a lot. Truth be told, I think many people voted for him because they know with a high class of working people the country will develop economically. Sending Guyanese home will safeguard America and develop our own economy here! Seriously, I think Mr. Donald is capable of developing America’s economy based on his admirable business tactics and successes. Let’s wait and see the plans he will make or what’s next for America as Trump is President. I am convinced he will cause a mouth-dropping experience and baffle the minds of all those who anticipate the worst.’


20161114asher-seaforthAsher Seaforth, sales representative

`Me and some guys were trying to internalize it; like how did she [Hillary Clinton] lose? Everything is going to charge from now and I don’t know if it’s going to be better or not.  I think his win will eventually affect Guyana because pretty much every country revolves around the United States of America. They are like a central body and if they fall other countries might fall as well. I would not give Donald Trump as a person a chance to govern but his advisors, persons who will help him, I would give them a chance. It’s just the things he was saying and the things he plans to do it is not good for that country.’


20161114kelvin-fortuneKelvin Fortune

`In my opinion with the US President-elect, is you give that person a chance and see how it goes no matter what the person’s past is.  Sometimes we look back at people’s past and that affects the current situation or the future. So we must not look at Trump’s past because you don’t know what he has in store. I know a lot of people around the Caribbean and around the world say that he is racist and so and I don’t know him personally but I am all about giving people chances and an opportunity; you never know what the outcome will be like. When you see the outcome you can judge from that. ‘


20161114handel-willsHandel Wills, businessman

`I was always in support of Hillary, I posted her pictures on social media, I was following that elections. It was very disappointing for me, that night I bought bottles of wine to celebrate but she lost. But from a businessman’s perspective like myself, and Trump who is also a businessman, he deserves a chance as president. I don’t think that his presidential win will affect Guyana but everyone should work as a nation and build a world. We should not depend on America. For me as a small businessman you only get visas for a certain amount of years and I am wondering if visas will be taken away because of the rumours that are going around in Georgetown about the visa issue.’

20161114dereck-sookrajDereck Sookraj, Vendor

`I liked the outcome of the US elections. If you look at it at an economic stand point, when people leave your country, it is less business in your country. I would be glad if he stopped that immigration issue, whereby persons get visas for six months and end up staying. If you want to go take a walk to the country and come back at the end of your six months that is fine but don’t stay. Besides Donald Trump is a businessman so he should know how to raise the country to a certain level.’

20161114roald-archerRoald Archer

`The American elections and how the congress is set up regardless of who is in power, has to get congressional approval to make decisions. It’s not a case where one man runs the show, it does not really matter who they have in there, you have to get buy-in from members of congress. I wanted Hillary Clinton as president because she is more suited, more presidential, intelligent, more aware of current affairs and everything. To some extent he may have an impact on Guyana since his immigration policy is a bit different from the ones the Democrats had. He might have more checks and from those checks, Guyanese who are not right might be coming home.’

20161114stashia-mckaiseStashia McKaise, food vendor

`I was not interested in following the elections but I just did not like Trump. Based on what was reported about him in the news. They said, he said that he wanted to build walls and put persons out of the country and that was why I did not support him.  I did not know what were his plans to govern America, the reports did not focus much about that aspect. ‘


20161114av-rajaA.V Raja, businessman

`There was a biasness in my opinion towards Trump and what he said. With that many persons believed that Hillary Clinton would have won. There is also a trend in the US elections, between the Republicans and the Democrats. You had Clinton, the Bush, then Obama, now Trump. So it seems as it was his time. If Trump’s policies are put to work, everyone should be worried. However, Trump said he would be a president for all Americans but that does not seem to include immigrants. Guyana should now pay attention with what’s going to happen now.’


20161114kevin-duncanKevon Duncan, technician

`If I were an American who voted in the US elections I would have voted for the one with more experience. Hillary Clinton, they said won the popular vote, while Donald Trump won the electoral college votes. Only the Americans since they live in America know why they voted for Trump. Perhaps they saw something no one else saw in him. Moreover, it might be naïve for me to think that Trump’s win would not impact the world or even Guyana, it surely will, we just don’t know how yet. It’s no use in thinking the worst, we must remain positive and be prayerful at such a time as this.’

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