Teen fined $25, 000 for driving dangerously

A teenager accused of dangerous driving was fined $25, 000 after admitting to the offence when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Fiyad Sattaur, 19, of 136 Ogle, Goedverwating, East Coast Demerara pleaded guilty to the charge of driving a motor car without care or attention when it was read to him by Magistrate Renita Singh.

According to the prosecution’s case, last Saturday at Sandy Babb Street, Kitty, Sattaur was driving PRR 4423 in a reckless manner when he was approached by police and informed of the offence being committed. The magistrate fined him $25,000 after he admitted to the charge.

Police on Tuesday, responding to an article appearing on an online news site, had said last Saturday morning, a Police Sergeant who is attached to the Traffic Department and was dressed in uniform, was driving a private car along Sandy Babb Street, Kitty, when she observed motor vehicle PRR 4423 overtake a line of other vehicles waiting at the traffic lights.

“The police rank made a note of the vehicle’s registration number intent on following up with prosecution, however, she caught up with the vehicle at the intersection of Lamaha and Albert Streets, where she drove up alongside and told the driver of the offence committed. He, however, drove away,” the statement said.

The police said the sergeant drove behind the vehicle and caught up again with it at Lamaha and East Streets, where she came out and approached the driver whom she learnt to be Sattaur. She again told him of the offence committed and requested him to go to Traffic Headquarters and he complied, the statement said.

It added that at Traffic Headquarters, Sattaur was placed on self-bail and was charged with careless driving.

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