Man denied game of dominoes assaulted player – court told

A man accused of kicking another man because he was denied a game of dominoes was placed on a bond to keep the peace when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Jermaine Solomon appeared before Magistrate Alex Moore charged with assaulting Clement Stanford and pleaded guilty to the charge. According to the facts of the case, Solomon on January 22, at West Ruimveldt, assaulted Stanford by kicking him several times.

According to the police report, Stanford was playing dominoes when Solomon came up and asked to play a game to which Stanford responded no. An argument ensued and Stanford was dealt several kicks by the accused.

In pleading guilty, Solomon told the court that Stanford was drinking on the said day and he was preparing to clear the table by removing the bottles when Stanford began to curse him, questioning why he was doing so. He said Stanford and his brother attempted to push a bicycle at him and he pushed back causing Stanford to fall.

Given his explanation, a not-guilty plea was entered on behalf of Solomon by the magistrate.

Stanford, who claimed to have known Solomon for 20 years, told the court that he only desired for him to know that there are consequences for his actions. He was subsequently offered $10,000 compensation by Solomon along with an apology. Solomon was also ordered to sign a bond to keep the peace for six months or three weeks’ imprisonment.

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