No bail for man charged with threatening to kill sister

Charged with pulling a knife on his sister and threatening to kill her, Calvin Brown was yesterday remanded to prison.

Magistrate Faith McGusty read the charges against Brown, 21, who denied that on February 22, at Guyhoc Gardens, he made use of threatening language and threatening behaviour to Toshonna Barker.

According to the prosecution, Brown and Barker are brother and sister and live at the same address. The court heard that Brown habitually abuses his sister, both verbally and physically, and occasionally damages her belongings. As a result, it was the opinion of the prosecutor that if Brown was granted bail, he would continue to abuse his sister.

Barker, who was present, told the court that her brother has a very short temper and the slightest thing sets him off. She added that he has also threatened her grandmother, who resides with them—a claim supported by the grandmother, who was present in court. The grandmother stated that it was very hard to control Brown and she did not want him in her house.

With all that was being about him, Brown became angry and began to shout at his sister. He said he never did anything to her and accused her of putting words in their grandmother’s mouth. Subsequent to his outburst, Magistrate McGusty denied bail for Brown and adjourned the matter to March 29.

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